Monday, September 7, 2015

Speak You Into Existence!!!

Speak You Into Existence!!!

*"Stop living a negative and guilt-ridden life, complaining daily about what you do not have. Instead of complaining, start to live a positive, happy, and fulfilled life praising and thanking GOD for what you have... Jesus already prayed a prayer to cover you and all believers. Trust God, and thank and trust Jesus Christ. You are covered by his saving blood. All you have to do is lay claim to it...

"We are in Control of Our Destinies but GOD Is Destiny." ~ Loretta Erses

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**“Never be in awe of any other person or group of persons. Never copy anyone else. There is only one of you and that is you. If You have respect for yourself as you are, you will regard other people fearlessly. ~ Norma Vincent Peale” 

** Excerpt from “Help Yourself with God’s Help”  by Norma Vincent Peale

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